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Update from SK

The SKs have been busy playing and learning together and are really settling in as a classroom community! 

We have wrapped up our first unit of inquiry, our “How We Organize Ourselves” unit, which focused on the communities we are a part of and how our actions can impact our communities. Through this lens, we explored our classroom community and brainstormed and established our essential agreements for the year. Students considered ways they could have a positive impact on their classroom community, and co-created our “Classroom Responsibilities.” 

The SK Bracelet Sale became a focal point for this unit as students came to understand that they can also impact people in broader communities. The initial idea of selling bracelets to support an Indigenous family in need became a multi-faceted learning experience as we explored patterning with beads, number sense and coins through the sale, literacy through labelling donation bins and writing letters to the family, and, most importantly, empathy as students considered what items would be important to purchase for or donate to the family. We will continue to explore how we can positively impact our community and beyond throughout the rest of the school year.

We have just launched our “How We Express Ourselves” unit, which acts as an extension of our learning about communities. The central idea of the unit is, “when we play, we can learn and grow.” The class was keen on including something about play in our essential agreements, so “We agree that play is important” ended up on our list. The SKs will now have the opportunity to explore their claim more deeply as they reflect on the important learning and development that happens while we are at play. Students will be exploring and reflecting on conflicts as they naturally arise in play to help us identify strategies we can use to help us navigate our play cooperatively.

The language program in the SK classroom has really begun to take off! In our small groups, the students have begun guided reading sessions geared to their individual readiness and we are seeing their confidence blossoming in their independent literacy-based centres during Reading Workshop. In addition to reading, the SKs are continuing to practise writing in various settings, and are quickly gaining confidence with the strategies they are exploring.

In our math program, we are exploring numeracy every day and have just wrapped up our unit on patterning. The students enjoyed identifying, creating, extending repeating patterns with various materials in a variety of contexts. Some have even been creating repeating patterns in their play! Recently, we have introduced our data management unit which begins with an exploration of sorting. Sharing photos of students’ sorted halloween candy has been a fun, student-led way to launch the unit as we consider one another’s sorting rules. 

Spending time with this kind, passionate and enthusiastic class of students has been a pleasure so far, and we are looking forward to the rest of the term!

Kind regards, 

Anna Crawford, SK Form Adviser

Pina Porto, SK Educational Assistant