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Update from Prep Middle Years Art

Year 6 artists are savouring the moment in Unit 2: Stamp It!

Developments in technology can enhance our ability to create innovative and functional forms. 

Interdisciplinary units of study provide a rich source of inspiration for our students. Just recently, students took nature photos during their design class. They used these photos to draw a variety of stamp ideas in their sketchbooks and then selected the best image to 3D print. It was magical to hear the students cheer with delight when they saw their three-dimensional stamps for the first time! They were also excited to mold their custom stamp in the clay and transform it into a container! We are so happy to be back in the art room and enjoying the creative process!

As you can see from the image to the right, I am in the midst of firing all of the Year 6 containers: 6B and 6C are grey containers called “greenware” because they are waiting to go into the kiln for a bisque firing; 6L and 6J are the white containers called “bisqueware” because they have come out of the bisque firing and are ready to be glazed. Students then select a specific glaze colour scheme to enhance their stamp design.

Year 7s are enjoying Unit 2: Printing Your Passion 

This unit explores how artists express their unique personal narratives to capture their identity. 

As a starting point for this series of 11 prints, each artist completed a character trait survey in their Health and Life Skills class to find out more about their understanding of their strengths and to empower them in life. 

Ask your child what their top character strengths are to find out the inspiration behind the prints they are currently working on. You can even take the quiz yourself; it is interesting and can help you make connections with your child: https://www.viacharacter.org/ 

I then challenged the students to use one character strength to create a range of sketches to inspire them to move past the established emoji/icon and commit to the most meaningful image. I know students enjoyed carving their image on the linoleum because they said things like: “This is so satisfying!” “It is so nice to carve this.” “Carving is sick.” “Art is really fun.”

Once carved, they print a second layer onto 11 papers, paying close attention to inking levels and exploring the printing process. 

Colour theory is critical to ensure they have a contrasting colour scheme and not a camouflage one! They repeat the process: carving away more and printing a final layer. 

This year I am excited to have the opportunity to work in collaboration with the Year 7 design teachers and Ms. Tran to provide each student with the opportunity to print their image on a custom t-shirt using the Cricket and a heat press! Of course they will use their UCC house colours!

Nancy Preston
Middle Years Art Teacher