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Update | Boarding Communications Editor – Jack Edelist ’21, Seaton’s

At the beginning of term, Seaton’s senior Jack Edelist made a proposal to head a new leadership position in the boarding program at UCC. His proposal was to become the Boarding Communications editor, and take over the weekly role of creating the Boarding Life newsletter that is featured in Heads-Up every Thursday afternoon.

In the fall term Jack would normally be devoting his co-curricular time to Varsity football practices in preparation for weekend games. While Varsity football continues to practice, Jack has found that he has more time on his hands to devote to new endeavours. Many seniors in boarding are reviewing their co-curricular options, and searching for new learning opportunities to fill the void resulting from COVID-19 interruptions. There have been no interruptions for Jack. He engaged in a summer academic course at Cornell University, and the Boarding Communications Editor position is only one new activity allowing Jack to achieve the balance he desires while making applications to university Engineering programs. We are all looking forward to Jack’s weekly articles highlighting exciting news and activities in Seaton’s and Wedd’s.