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Update | A message from SK

We have been so impressed as we have watched our incredibly capable and adaptable Super Kids (SKs) adjust to learning during the CLP. While learning online does offer many challenges, we have been continually delighted by their smiling faces, their desire to connect and their consistent effort. We also appreciate immensely all the support from families and caregivers who have been making this possible for us! 

Since our return we have launched our How the World Works unit. The central idea of the unit is, “being an inquirer helps me to understand my world” and the lines of inquiry are:

  • The characteristics of an inquirer
  • The process of inquiry
  • How our senses help us to understand the world 
  • How researching and experimentation help us to understand the world

To begin this unit, we discussed the power of asking questions with the challenge of coming up with questions to which we don’t have the answers. As a class we came up with a list of questions we have about winter. These questions will guide us through research and experimentation as we seek answers to our curiosities such as, “Where does snow come from?” We are hoping for a snowfall soon to help us in our investigations!

In our language program, we have brought our small-group Guided Reading program online and will continue to work on decoding strategies and reading comprehension. We will shift our writing focus from sentences representing personal narratives to simple fiction stories as we learn story elements (characters, setting, problem and solution).

In our math program we have launched our geometry unit; an exploration of 2D and 3D shapes. We will explore shapes in our environments as we learn to classify, sort and describe them. We are looking forward to watching their continued growth as inquirers and mathematicians over the course of this unit.

One of our greatest delights during our CLP has been our weekly Play Challenges. These have been an opportunity for the SKs to exercise their creativity, flexible-thinking, problem-solving and more! Their creations as well as their supportive comments on their classmates’ work have impressed us each and every week. Here are just a few examples from our challenge to represent ourselves using items from around our homes!











As we embark on the second half of an unusual year, we would like to thank you all for an incredible first term. Your support and involvement in your child’s learning have been tremendous, and continue to be instrumental to our shared successes. We are looking forward to continuing to learn and grow together!

Anna Crawford & Emily Browne
SK Team