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Upcoming university visits to UCC

Monday, October 19 @ lunchtime in Room 128—University of King’s College, Halifax

As one of the oldest universities in the Commonwealth, King’s College in Halifax provides its students with a traditional liberal arts education. Its Foundation Year Program allows first-year students to conduct an integrated, interdisciplinary analysis of Western civilization. In addition, King’s offers a highly respected journalism program and three combined honours degrees in which students take courses at both King’s and Dalhousie University. With an enrolment of around 1000 students, the college offers an intimate and highly supportive learning environment.

Monday, October 19 @ lunchtime in Room 138—Palm Beach Atlantic University

Founded in 1968, Palm Beach Atlantic University is an interdenominational Christian university located in West Palm Beach, Florida. With an average class size of 18, students enjoy lots of close contact with peers and professors. There are a wide range of academic majors, internships, and exchanges available.

Monday, October 19 @ 3:30 p.m. in Room 138A—St. Francis Xavier University

The alma mater of former prime minister, Brian Mulroney, St. Francis Xavier University is located in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Primarily an undergraduate institution, it specializes in business, social sciences, and humanities. It combines modern facilities with a small liberal arts college environment.  A perfect fit for students who love to play and watch sports!

Tuesday, October 20 @ 1:15 p.m. (afternoon focus schedule) in Room 138—University of California at Los Angeles

Considered one of the top public universities in the world, UCLA hosts the largest number of students in the University of California system on the most compact campus. With award-winning faculty and lots of opportunities for undergraduate research across all disciplines, students can choose from 125 majors. Engineering and the fine arts are particular strengths. While there are over 26,000 undergraduates, two-thirds of the classes have fewer than 30 students. UCLA boasts more national athletic championships than any other university in the nation.

Tuesday, October 20 @ 1:30 p.m. (afternoon focus schedule) in Room 128—Claremont McKenna College

Part of a consortium of elite colleges near Los Angeles, Claremont McKenna is renowned for its programs in economics, government, international relations, and philosophy. A traditional liberal arts education is rooted in a practical, engaged approach to real-world issues. Students build close relationships with their professors and they enjoy the easy access to both beach and mountains.

Wednesday, October 21 @ lunchtime in the Lecture Theatre—Queen’s University

A mid-sized university in Kingston, Ontario with a national reputation in arts, sciences, commerce, and engineering, Queen’s University combines a bright student body with legendary school spirit. The commerce program is a top draw for many UCC students and is one of the most selective undergraduate programs in the country; the curriculum has recently been widened to make it easier for commerce students to do a dual degree with arts or science.

Wednesday, October 21 @ lunchtime in Room 138A—University of Rochester

Well known for its mathematics and science departments, the University of Rochester allows undergraduates to study for five years for the price of four, if they so choose.  A small private college just across the U.S. border, Rochester is nationally recognized for the quality of its research programs.  The university places a lot of emphasis on student-teacher relationships and an inquiry-based curriculum.  This is the home of the renowned Eastman School of Music.  There are special scholarships available for IB students.

Wednesday, October 21 @ 3:30 p.m. in Room 128—Johns Hopkins University

Described as an “academic powerhouse,” Johns Hopkins University is a good fit for students who enjoy intellectual pursuits. Best known for its world-class medical school, Hopkins also offers a highly regarded program in international relations. The lovely campus is located in a pleasant suburb of Baltimore.

Thursday, October 22 @ 3:30 p.m. in Room 128—Colgate University

A highly selective liberal arts college in upper-state New York, Colgate University is particularly known for its strength in the social sciences.  There is a core curriculum but also many opportunities for independent study.  Class sizes are small and there are excellent athletic facilities.

Thursday, October 22 @ 3:30 p.m. in Room 138—University of Edinburgh & The University of the Highlands and Islands

The University of Edinburgh is not only one of the largest universities in the U.K., but also one of the most wide-ranging in its teaching and research activities. From its location in the heart of Scotland’s capital city, it has been setting standards in education for over 400 years. Edinburgh’s academics are trendsetters in languages, medicine, microelectronics, biotechnology, and computer-based disciplines.

A federation of 13 colleges and research institutions, the University of the Highlands and Islands has multiple campuses—some larger ones in urban centres such as Perth, Elgin, and Inverness and others much smaller centres in more remote locations.  More than 100 undergraduate courses are offered with specialties such as adventure tourism management, Celtic studies, archaeology, energy engineering, and environmental science.

Friday, October 23 @ lunchtime in Room 127—Richard Ivey School of Business, Western University

The Richard Ivey program allows students to spend the first two years of undergraduate study taking courses in areas of personal interest, followed by two years of intensive management training. There is a Global Leadership Program for those intrigued by international business, and joint programs are offered with science, engineering, health science, kinesiology, law, medical sciences, and media, information, and technoculture. Ivey is a highly popular choice among our graduates.