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University counselling interviews

All members of the Leaving Class of 2021 were asked to schedule a 45-minute interview with their assigned counsellor at some point before the March Break.

As of today, almost all students in the class have completed their initial interview and some have met with their counsellor several times. If you have not yet participated in such a session, please email your counsellor as soon as possible to find a mutually convenient time to schedule an online meeting. It is essential that we speak with all Year 11 students before the end of June in order to incorporate some planning for university into the summer schedule.

The purpose of these meetings is to review your academic record, clarify the admission process, discuss possible university and program options, and consider long-term career goals.  Meetings will generally be scheduled in the afternoons when you are not in your online classes; once in-person classes resume, we will arrange to meet in your spares or before or after school.

Before each appointment, give some thought to the specific topics you wish to discuss and questions you wish to ask.  You should not be intimidated–you are not expected to have all the answers at this stage!  The goal of the meetings this year is to produce an initial list of university and degree options, along with a plan of action.

Students who met with their counsellor earlier this year are requested to make another appointment before the summer in order to review their plans in light of ongoing research and their updated profile.

Next fall, we will have one period each cycle with the Year 12s in our houses and we will also continue to meet with students individually. If your parents would like to be included in a meeting, please let us know as we can work around their schedules. Once we are back in the building, we will ask you to arrange appointments through Ms. Berndsen; while we are working online, please contact your counsellor directly.