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University application timeline: U.S. universities

Now that the early applications to U.S. colleges are almost complete, it is time to consider regular applications. If you had originally intended to apply to U.S. colleges and have changed your mind, please let us know immediately!

By this point, students should:

• have met with their university counsellor to discuss their intent to apply to US colleges and to construct a list of appropriate schools. Failure to do so may jeopardize the timely submission of your Secondary School Report to the universities.
• have checked the application forms for the universities to which they applying in order to ascertain deadlines, testing requirements, and the nature of supplementary essays;
• have attended a Common Application workshop;
• have met with the teachers they have asked to write references and given these teachers the completed US College Referee Request Form. Students should then add these teachers’ names to their Naviance account;
• be working toward the specific deadlines of the universities to which they are applying. Be aware, for example, that the University of California’s deadline is November 30. If you are applying to a university with a deadline prior to January 1, please confirm this with Ms Berndsen or your counsellor;
• have consulted their counsellor about their essays;
• have their ACT or SAT Reasoning and SAT Subject Tests (if required) organized and under control. If you have not already done so, please send your October test scores to Ms Berndsen. If you wish to register for the December 13 ACT, you must do so by November 7. Some colleges will accept ACT scores from the February 7 test date (register by January 9), but you should not assume that this will be the case. There are just three SAT test dates left that can be used for this year’s admissions – November 8, December 6, and January 24. The registration deadline for the December 8 test date is November 6; for the January 24 test date you must register by December 29. Please be aware that test sites fill long before the deadlines. It is important to remember that ETS must be informed which universities are to receive the SAT scores. Universities only consider scores official when they receive them directly from the College Board. You should never wait until January to send your test scores for the first time. If you wish to submit results from the January SAT (remember not all colleges will accept these scores), you should submit a second time;
• be attempting to complete their applications by December 1. In this way, they can get help from their counsellor, their teachers, or the CFL. It is tempting for boys who have applied Early Decision or Early Action to wait until they hear back from their first choice before going on with the balance of their applications. This is generally not a good idea. In our experience, very few successful applications get done over the holidays.