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University application timeline: U.K. universities and Trinity College, Dublin

Students who are applying to universities in the United Kingdom should already have informed the University Counselling Office of their intention. If you had originally intended to apply to U.K. universities and have changed your mind, please let us know!

Students are expected to have their personal statement completed and in the UCAS system by Monday, December 1. In order to ensure that they will have time to review these statements with their university counsellor, students should complete a draft within the next week or so.

Students should also be aware that the process will not be complete once they have submitted their sections of the application. Ms Berndsen must sign off on each section and typically that requires a number of e-mail communications in order to ensure that each section is correct. Therefore, it is crucial that students respect the internal deadline for the UCAS application and regularly check their UCC e-mail in the weeks that follow. Because we have a number of students applying to the U.K., this is a very time-consuming process that requires considerable planning and coordination.

Teacher referees should email their statement as an attachment to Ms Berndsen by Monday, December 8. Students who have not already done so should tell Ms Berndsen the name of the teacher who is writing on their behalf.

Students interested in Trinity College, Dublin must fill out a separate application form available online and submit it to the university before February 1. The portal is not yet active. Students who plan to apply to Trinity College must notify the University Counselling Office of their intention by Monday, December 1; the application requires a counsellor and a teacher reference and a statement of intent. Please note that SAT or ACT scores are optional for Canadian applicants. As always, remember to record your plan to apply to TCD on your Naviance account so that transcripts will be ready to accompany your application.