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Ultimate Frisbee: Seaton’s vs. Wedd’s

The object of ultimate Frisbee is for one team to cross the other team’s goal line with Frisbee in hand, similar to football, but the strategic passing to move the Frisbee from one end of the field to the other is reminiscent of soccer.

Seaton’s and Wedd’s gathered on the oval on Oct. 4 to determine the house ultimate Frisbee championship. This is one of many competitions that help determine the Rao Cup champion for the school year. The spirited game is also a great way to bring young and older boarders together to play a game that’s not determined by strength or speed. Great teamwork in ultimate Frisbee will trump a team that relies on speed and strength.

Congratulations go to Wedd’s for prevailing in this game as a 4-3 winner.

Muhammad Ali, Ryder Thususka & Loic Martin in pursuit of frisbee

Muhammad Ali, Ryder Thususka and Loic Martin were in pursuit of the Frisbee.

Dom Peters and Seb Hubbard challenging Trung Tran

Dom Peters and Seb Hubbard challenged Trung Tran.

Seaton's House Ultimate Team

Here’s Seaton’s House ultimate team.

Wedd's House Ultimate Team

Here’s Wedd’s House ultimate team.