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UCC Sunnybrook Hospital donation project

During these quarantine months, everyone has faced their own personal difficulties. Students now have to face transitions within their learning, many parents have changed their working environments, but the people who risk the most for our UCC community are the frontline healthcare workers. These nurses, doctors and researchers risk their lives everyday to create a better world for everyone, free of COVID-19. Unfortunately, these people who make the biggest sacrifices are also the ones that are the least cared for due to the many economic bottlenecks of a hospital during quarantine, as well as a shortage of personal protective equipment like face masks, which is vital to ensuring their personal health.

This fundraiser takes the responsibility of giving a minimum level of safety back to the healthcare workers who keep us safe everyday by containing the virus. This money will directly go into the expenses of Sunnybrook Hospital.

I am asking you today to take part in this initiative. As capable students let’s all give back to the people that protect us everyday.

You can access this fundraiser here.

Kevin Han, Year 9