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UCC Rock Climbing

On Sunday, Nov.25, Mr. Christian Heffernan led UCC boarders on an indoor rock climbing adventure to Basecamp Indoor Rock Climbing Gym in midtown Toronto. With over 7,000 square feet of climbing surface and 58 routes, there will be more opportunities during the winter months to break free of campus and test one’s mettle without having to combat the elements. Many thanks to Mr. Heffernan for making the trip possible and to the ten students that stepped away from their studies on Sunday afternoon for a challenging weekend experience.

Rock Climbing – Kosei Satoh on the ascent

Rock Climbing- Duro beginning the ascent

Mr. Christian Heffernan, Michael Goralski, Finn McDermott, Nico Kwemo, Faizan Haider, Kene Ochuba, Youssef El-Nagar, Yushin Ohta, Kosei Satoh, Duro Ogunsola

Rock Climb – Mr. Heffernan following Nico & Kene