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UCC Prize Day 2018

On Monday, Oct. 1 Upper Canada College honoured students with top academic results from the 2017-18 school year. The boarding program was well represented at the annual event. The following boarding students were recognized for their accomplishment:

Year 9 General Proficiency Awards (students achieving 83% or above in all their courses)
Nicholas De Chazal
Adrian Hui
Jay Kim

Class of ’57 Trophy (student best combining academic and athletic success)
Jay Kim

Year 10 General Proficiency Awards (students achieving 6s & 7s and 83% or above in all their courses)
Jay Kang
James Liao
Uche Ochumba
Bassem Sandeela
Billy Shi
Ben Sun

Academic Tie (Award is given to student that achieve a minimum average based on the previous June Report Card)

Billy Shi

Moderns Prize in Mandarin B Higher Level – Andy Wang

Moderns Prize in Mandarin A Standard Level – Billy Shi

Wills Prize in Senior History – World History – Bassem Sandeela

Year 11 General Proficiency (students achieving 6s & 7s in all their courses)
Daniel Foote
Simon Guo

Moderns Prize in Spanish – Owen Meunier

Moderns Prize in Mandarin A – Luka Chu

Bassem Sandeela – Prize Day 2018

Ben Sun – Prize Day 2018

Billy Shi – Prize Day 2018

Danny Foote – Prize Day 2018