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UCC/BSS student-directed play ‘Essay’ premiering live on Saturday

This year’s UCC / BSS student directed play is by Hannah Moscovitch, a contemporary Canadian playwright described by Toronto Life magazine as “the wunderkind of Canadian theatre”. Her shows are frequently performed at Toronto’s own Tarragon theatre. As soon as the student directors saw one of her shows, they fell in love, and decided to produce one of her earliest works Essay, a 50-minute commentary on gender politics in modern academia. The three-person cast includes veteran actor Kurt Karul as a chauvinistic history professor; rising star Chris Noh, with his debut as a pretentiously politically correct TA; and the talented Emmy Voges as an undergraduate student who asks tough and possibly unanswerable questions about how we “make” history.  Rehearsals have continued online, and the performance will be livestreamed on Saturday, April 25 at 7 p.m. For a quick preview of the play you can view the trailer. Please note that this play contains mature content and strong language. The link will be generated approximately 20 minutes before the play begins. Fill out this Google form or email ewan.mayes@ucc.on.ca or hcrawford@ucc.on.ca to add your name to the list and you will receive the link as soon as it’s available.

Essay poster – UCC_BSS student directed play