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UCC annual distribution of prizes

UCC students, parents and faculty gathered in Laidlaw Hall to honour outstanding academic achievements of Upper School students from the 2014-15 school year on Oct. 8.

Many boarders were honoured during the ceremony. They weren’t all captured on camera, but the names of current boarders who won prizes are listed below. Boarder prize winners from the class of 2015 were honoured at the graduation ceremony last May.

Year 2
Daniel Wang (Wedd’s): Moderns Prize in Mandarin

Foundation Year
Chris Connors (Seaton’s): General Proficiency
Alex Nguyen (Wedd’s): General Proficiency
Kal Shaw (Seaton’s): General Proficiency and R. W. Finlayson Prize in Music
Kyungphil Ko (Seaton’s): Moderns Prize in Spanish

Shaig Abduragimov (Seaton’s): General Proficiency and Art Prize
Gabriel Boucher (Wedd’s): General Proficiency
Chris Huang Chang (Seaton’s): General Proficiency and Moderns Prize in Mandarin
Zacharie Quiviger (Seaton’s): General Proficiency, Standard Level Prize in Mathematics, Chemistry Prize SL, Lang Scholar
Yin Xiao (Wedd’s): General Proficiency
Andrew Cao (Seaton’s): History Prize – Americas
Jeffrey Chen (Seaton’s): Moderns Prize in Mandarin

Gabriel Boucher wins General Proficiency

Gabriel Boucher wins a General Proficiency prize.

Alex Nguyen wins General Proficiency

Alex Nguyen wins a General Proficiency prize.

Shaig Abduragimov with General Proficiency and the IB1 Art Prize

Shaig Abduragimov wins a General Proficiency and IB1 Art Prize.

Jeffrey Chen (Seaton's) wins the Moderns Prize in Mandarin

Jeffrey Chen wins a Moderns Prize in Mandarin.