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UCC annual distribution of prizes

On Thursday, October 10, UCC hosted the annual distribution of prizes in Laidlaw Hall. A wonderful address by the Chair of the English Department, Ms. Gillian Levene set the stage for students coming forward to accept their prizes. The Boarding community was well represented during the ceremony. While I wasn’t able to capture photos of every boarding prize winner, what follows is the full list of boarders who won a prize for their efforts in the previous school year. The list of potential peer tutors for new and veteran students became quite clear today.

Year 9

Parkin prize in Classics – Latin: Junyoung Park


Year 10

General proficiency awards: Nick De Chazak, Michael Goralski, Adrin Hui, Jay Kim, Kene Ochuba

Moderns prize in Mandarin B: Jack Edelist

Moderns prize in Mandarin A: Jack Gao


Year 11

General proficiency awards: James Liao, Neo Lou, Uche Ochuba, Luka Pusic, Brandon Sambrano, Bassem Sandeela, Billy Shi

Academic tie: Billy Shi

Craig Baldachin award: Artem Meshcherin

Standard level prize in mathematics: Uche Ochuba (tied with Day Boy, Christopher Adolphe)

Geography prize – higher level: Samar Carmack

English language and literature prize – standard level: Billy Shi

Biology standard level prize: Brandon Sambrano

Chemistry prize standard level: Billy Shi

Physics prize standard level: James Liao

Extended essay in science: Billy Shi

Moderns prize in French – higher level: Brandon Sambrano

Moderns prize in Spanish: Brandon Sambrano

Moderns prize in Mandarin A: Billy Shi

Lang scholars: Luka Pusic, Ben Sun

Artem Meshcherin wins Craig Baldachin award

Bassem Sandeela wins General proficiency award

Ben Sun introduced as a Lang scholar

Billy Shi alongside Principal McKinney & Academic Dean, Dr. Kinnear

Brandon Sambrano accepting the Biology standard level prize

Jack Edelist wins Moderns prize in Mandarin

Jay Kim performing during annual distribution of prizes ceremony

Junyoung Park wins Parkin prize in Classics – Latin

Luka Pusic wins general proficiency award

Michael Goralski

Samar Carmack wins Geography prize higher level

Uche Ochuba wins standard level prize in mathematics

Uche and Kene Ochuba

James Liao