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Tryouts for spring inter-school sports teams

Spring season begins with tryouts on the second day back after the March break. Boys will be informed of their athletic options for the spring term on Monday, March 23. A list of the athletic opportunities appears below. Tryouts for all students will begin on March 24.

Form 7
U14 tier 2 softball (approximately 15 players) – Mr. Green

U13 rugby (approximately 20 players) – Mr. Atkinson and Mr. Chandler

U14 tennis (approximately eight players) – Mr. Ma

U13 track and field – Mr. Gray, Mr. Labancz and Mr. Roytberg

U14 lacrosse – Mr. Bullock and Mr. Toope (Upper School teacher)

It should be noted that, because the lacrosse team comprises both Form 7 and Year 1 students, our boys practise every morning between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. except on Wednesdays. At 2:45 p.m., they go to supervised study until 3:45 p.m. All other teams practise during their regular games’ time slot.

Intramural softball – Mr. Dupuis and Mr. Manning

Instructional tennis – Mr. Bendavid and Ms. Lo

Form 6
U12 A and B softball (approximately 30 players) – Mr. Cooper and Mr. Cloutier

U12 track and field – Mr. Hustler, Mr. Cavalluzzo, Ms. Chesworth and Mr. Roytberg

Intramural softball and cricket – Mr. Evans, Mr. Baxter and Ms. Barclay

The purpose of this message is to give you an opportunity to discuss the above options with your son and help him make an informed choice. Your son can only play on one representative school team but has the opportunity to try out for any teams he wishes. All other information will be available from your son’s coaches. You can expect a commitment letter to be given out early in the tryout process. This letter outlines the commitment necessary to be a member of the team he’s trying out for and important information related to the season. For full schedule information, please go to the UCC website athletic calendar here.