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This month in the Prep

Hello readers, this week I bring you the first edition of This Month in the Prep. I will be writing about the Year 7s and what is happening in our lives. Because I am in Year 7, I can provide a student perspective of all of the fun, educational and recreational events at our school. 

Year 7 students have been working on our Science Fair projects. We all get to choose a topic that involves science, and we use the scientific method to prove or disprove our hypothesis. I asked Alex Woolsey about his project, “My project is about seeing how bacteria on your hands change after using hand sanitizer.” He also told me that it was fun to do, and he got to learn about how to collect bacteria samples. The science fair was on Dec. 18. 

Next up we have our design class and we all just started a new unit. We get to learn about coding. We receive our own Arduinos, which are motherboards. We get to do challenges such as lighting up an LED or turning on a light using a motion sensor. At the end of this unit, we get to design our own Arduino project where we get to make whatever we want. Last year, students made many creations. These included self-watering planters and a fan that turns on as somebody walks by.

Our next subject is math, and we are all learning about fractions, ratios, rates and more. We will conclude this unit by making our own “For Dummies” project. We are all given a topic and we write a small “For Dummies” explanation on the subject. My group gets to do Rates For Dummies, and the project is fun to complete. We get to explain what they are, how to find them, application of them in real life and much more.

The next subject is language and literature. We are all reading books. There are several books to choose from. Some of these novels have won rewards, and others are interesting books that make you think about how we can look at the book and how we can look at ourselves. 

Every class has also started a new unit in Individuals and Societies (history and geography) we are learning about indigenous people and what their life was like. We are also learning about the voyageurs, Jacques Cartier and Samuel de Champlain. We learn about their voyages to the Americas and what the change was from before they came and after. This unit will conclude in an essay arguing who was the better leader. 

We are all doing music class and with that comes band. Sadly the festival of carols was cancelled, but we were able to do our winter concert. We all performed new and old songs. The concert band and the jazz band got to perform. Many songs were played, including Deck the Halls, Jolly Old St. Nick, Tenor Madness and much more.

All of the different French classes are all at different parts. The enriched French has concluded reading their book “Le Comte de Monte-Cristo” and the standard French class is preparing for their interview. 

In art, we have started to create our animations. We use a stop-motion program which is where you take many pictures and make slight adjustments to each picture, and if you make a video of all of these pictures, they will tell a story.

These past few weeks, the colour house captains have been preparing their colour house boards. They all have a winter theme. Gold, blue, white, green, red and black. Which one of these houses will take home the victory?

That is all for the first edition of This Month In The Prep. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.


Matty Berman, 7T