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This month at the Prep: Year 6

Hello readers!

This month I bring you the second edition of This Month In The Prep. As our school returned from winter break, many events are going on. This month, I write about Year 6. Because I am not in Year 6, I enlisted the help of Matthew Tong and William Eaton, two Year 6 students, to help explain what is happening in their school lives. 

Year 6 students have just started their newest science unit. They are learning all about different types of structures, how they work and how to build them. This very fun unit will conclude with students building bridges and testing them to see how much weight they can hold. 

The next class that Year 6 students have been working in is design. They are now into the woodworking unit where they build their automatons. Automatons are wooden mechanical devices that tell a story as you spin the wheel on it. This unit teaches students all about the process through design, how to work independently and how to troubleshoot if something goes wrong.

Next, in math class, all classes have started their percent unit. They learn what percent is, what you can do with it, how to find a percent of a number and how to add or subtract a percent. This is a very helpful skill for them as they will continue to learn about percent in later years. As well, the extended groups in math have been learning about commission and how it works.

In language and literature, Year 6 students have started their Survival book club. This is where they all read books about life in the wilderness. While reading the books, students are separated into groups and each member has a role. For example, somebody may ask thought-provoking questions, while others may speak about any powerful quotes in the book.

All Year 6 classes have started a new unit in Individuals and Society. It is about the Roman Empire. In recent classes, students are learning about the Roman Empire and why it was so important. They learn about when the Roman Empire was around, the wars that were fought and the challenges members faced.

Year 6 students have also changed their schedule for music. Instead of having all of their classes as a single class, they have been introduced to band. This is where they start to play their instruments as a whole and learn how each band member has an important role. As well, they learn about music theory and how specific dynamics in music work.

In the standard French class, they have just started the unit Qu’est-ce qu’on fait? The statement of inquiry is Nos actions parlent de nous (we are what we do) in which they learn about the everyday activities of French and Quebecois teenagers. 

With the newly renovated Parkin Wing, many of the classes have had a chance to visit. As a Year 7 student, I love the learning space, and I feel like it is a much more open environment.

Next, in art class, students are outlining and painting with watercolour paints. Their paintings all show before, during, and after a natural disaster. These natural disasters are ones that the students have just finished studying in Individuals and Society.

Finally, in our athletic teams, the season has just started. The swim, basketball and hockey teams are all hard at work preparing for their games and meets.

As all of the students around the Prep settle in, we are getting back into a work ethic and ready to learn. I would once again like to thank Matthew Tong and William Eaton for filling me in on what Year 6 Students are learning. That is all for the second edition of This Month In The Prep. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.


By: Matty Berman, 7T

With contributions from Matthew Tong, 6C and William Eaton, 6B