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There’s no such thing as a UCC “Grad Trip”

Dear IB2 parents,

I suspect most of you already realize this, but I’ll mention it anyway to be crystal clear: There’s no such thing as a UCC-approved or sanctioned “Grad Trip.” So, if your son should try to convince you his Leaving Class friends are planning a getaway to the Mayan Riviera for the March break, for example, and this “Grad Trip” is being done with the awareness and blessing of the school, that’s definitely not the case. In no way does the school endorse this sort of event; in fact, we’ve heard some rather disturbing stories about boys on these unsupervised excursions in the past. Teenagers on vacation with other teenagers can be a very bad combination, especially if alcohol is involved.

You may have seen the episode of CBC Marketplace a few weeks ago that exposed the very disturbing truth about a popular “spring break” company called S-trip. Apparently, some UCC students have used S-trip in the past for trips to places like Cuba and some, in fact, may intend to use them for the upcoming March break. The CBC investigation documents the excessive drinking, sexual misconduct and lack of safety and supervision typical of these trips. Please don’t mistakenly believe any such trip is associated with our school; it’s absolutely not.

Thanks very much,
Evan Williams