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The Mother’s Day Project thanks you

The Mother’s Day Project, an Upper Canada College tradition since 2008, celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. Once again the school teamed up with the Child Development Institute to brighten the lives of women and children living in their shelters across Toronto.

UCC students and parents were asked to drop off donations from January until the end of April. And the parents and students did not disappoint, with a record number of donations. We also extend a very special thank you to Hunter Amenities International for donated 5,000 bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, bath gel and soaps.

We also have to give a huge thank you to all of our staff in house keeping, security and facilities. They went above and beyond in helping co-ordinate this huge event. More than two dozen volunteers gathered outside the Hewitt Athletic Centre on April 25 with gift bags, tissue and ribbons, and spent the morning filling more than 800 bags with goodies. Our volunteers included parents and students, staff, faculty and past parents. We also have to extend a very special thank you to Les Cappe for doing all of the deliveries again this year. Due to the volume he needed to rent a U Haul!

This year we were extremely lucky to have Branksome come on board and dozens of parents and girls gathered to fill another 400 bags in their new wellness centre. There’s no way to describe the incredible energy and enthusiasm that filled the room. I extend a huge thank you to Julie Law for her ongoing support of this project and bringing Branksome on board.

With this incredible generosity we were able to donate not only to women’s shelters across Toronto, but once again to New Circles Community Services, Native Child and Family Services, churches and synagogues. The initial bags are secretly given to children at the shelter to present to their moms on Mother’s Day. Remaining bags are kept at the shelters to offer to new arrivals and make them feel welcomed. The mothers are brought to tears by the generosity of strangers and knowing that people care.

On behalf of all of the people that this project helps, I thank you for your ongoing support of this wonderful initiative.

Vivien Cappe