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The importance of supplemental applications

Since this term began, many students have found themselves pressed for time as they rushed to complete the supplemental essays for programs such as the Advanced Entry Opportunity at Richard Ivey. Much unnecessary stress and panic can be avoided and higher quality applications submitted if students use the planning chart that was provided to them at their UCO advising session last fall. Your university counsellor would be happy to assist you in creating such a plan.

Failure to submit a required supplemental application will almost always have dire consequences. Deadlines are firm and it is not generally possible to submit information after the specified date.  If you miss a deadline, speak to your counsellor to see if you have any recourse; however, you should recognize that you will likely no longer be eligible for consideration.

Points to remember:

  • Instructions about the completion of a supplement (if required) would have been communicated to you by email from any Ontario university that you have put on your OUAC application. Please be sure to check your spam every day as some of these messages end up there and can be missed.
  • Supplements are completed directly through the university website and will require you to activate or create an online account.
  • Some supplements require you to list a person the university may contact to seek further information regarding your profile. It is important to seek permission before you add a person’s name. Be sure to give your referee a copy of your application information and a resume to provide some context if the university initiates contact.
  • For a few programs, you may need to provide a full letter of reference. It is essential that you identify these early enough to allow your referee the time to write an effective letter.
  • If you are applying to programs requiring a portfolio or audition, it is crucial that you pay close attention to deadlines.
  • Do not leave supplemental applications to the last minute. In many cases, these weigh heavily in admission decisions. Leave enough time to revise your work with input from your university counsellor.
  • In some instances, there is a fee associated with the supplement; if you fail to pay this fee, your application will not be complete.
  • Generally, the earlier you submit the supplements, the earlier you may receive a response from the university.