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The impact of IB Internal Assessment

At this time of year, many pieces of IB Internal Assessment are due. It is essential that students submit these on time as the deadlines for shipping this material to the IB markers are looming.

In many cases, your April grades will be significantly affected by your IA marks; these marks are often the final determinant for offers of admission and scholarship levels. Internal assessments are a major component of your overall IB grades.

The University Counselling Office did an analysis of the Class of 2014 to determine what impact the winter term had on students’ IB point totals. The results are shown below:

  • 50% of the class achieved a point total in April that was equal to their January results.
  • 22% of the class increased their IB total by at least 1 point between the January and April reports.
  • 28% of the class saw their IB total fall by at least 1 point. 9% went down by 2 points; 1% went down by 3 points.

Final IB and Ontario grades in July will be a permanent record of your achievement in high school. On average, UCC receives five requests a week from Old Boys needing transcripts—make sure your final transcript is one you will be proud of and one that will open rather than close doors!