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The Imaginary Invalid

Moliere’s The Imaginary Invalid was performed in the UCC Lecture Theatre, Nov. 22 to 24. The cast included Year 8 to Year 10 students from UCC and Bishop Strachan School. Directors Heather Crawford (UCC) and Angela David (BSS) worked closely with Assistant Director Patrick Callegaro (UCC) to help students from both schools deliver an outstanding evening of theatre for gathered students, faculty and parents.

The boarding community was well represented on stage and behind the scenes. Jack Gao (Monsieur Beralde) and Rahul Chib (Monsieur Bonnefoy) did a wonderful job in their stage debut. Behind the scenes, Motoharu Torii and Junyoung Park worked efficiently as stagehands and props, and Faizan Haider ably assisted Mr. David Crawford with photography. We’re already looking forward to February, the next time we’ll see UCC boarders playing prominent roles in the theatre program.

Jack Gao as Monsieur Beralde

Jack Gao in the Imaginary Invalid

Rahul Chib as Monsieur Bonnefoy

Rahul Chib in the Imaginary Invalid