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The Hixon Family Design Lab at the Preparatory School

A wonderful new view awaits those who travel down the stairs from the first floor of the Eaton building to the lower level. Over the summer the construction of The Hixon Family Design Lab at the Prep was undertaken. The renovation of the space (previously housing the Prep Shop and Carver Room) began in earnest after months of consultation between architects and our facilities and design departments. The addition of glass walls and better sight-lines are among the many features. 

The Hixon Family Design Lab was custom-built to house the Year 6 and 7 design programs and clubs, and to support all programs at the Prep. The two main areas are comprised of a “clean” space and a “fabrication” space:

Clean space

  • Tables and chairs that are adjustable to allow for a variety of seating arrangements (group work, individual work, lessons).
  • Dual projectors with whiteboards.
  • New audio system.

Fabrication space (Prodigy Fabrication Lab)

  • Custom-made fabrication tables and ergonomically designed stools.
  • Additional workspace for power tools (drill press, oscillating sander, scroll saws, hand drills) and hand tools (saws, hammers, screwdrivers, glue guns). This will include an improved dust-collection system to facilitate clean-up and improve air quality.
  • A ventilated area for painting, soldering, or other applications.
  • Pull-down electrical outlets.
  • Improved and expanded storage and display areas for student work.
  • Improved overhead lighting, including the workbenches.

The collaborative process used to design the new space has allowed us to create an inspiring, flexible and safe environment where design programming and initiatives can flourish. We’ll be having an event on November 6 to officially open the lab, showcase it to our parent community, and recognize all our generous donors. Please feel free to have a peek into the room the next time you visit  the Prep!

Kerry Dupuis
Subject Coordinator of Science and Design