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The advantages of two diplomas

Students in their final two years at the Upper School are enrolled in a dual program. When they graduate from UCC, they will have fulfilled the requirements of both the International Baccalaureate Program and the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Consequently, the University Counselling Office sends two sets of grades in support of university applications, one set based on the seven-point scale of the IB and a second set of percentage grades based on the linkage between IB courses and Ontario Ministry of Education credits.

Based on their June IB1 report, students will begin to have some sense of both their predicted IB total and their OSSD average. They can then begin to browse university websites or the eINFO website in order to get a sense of the minimum marks required for programs of interest.

All Canadian universities will provide some indication of the minimum percentage averages (calculated using the grades for prerequisite subjects such as English or mathematics, plus the next highest grades for 4U or 4M courses adding up to a total of six). Some Canadian universities also provide minimum IB totals required for consideration for a particular program. For UCC students earning both diplomas, Canadian universities look at both sets of grades—if a student is not eligible based on one diploma, he may be eligible on the basis of the other.

Universities in the UK will generally consider UCC students primarily in terms of their interim IB grades, although many British schools also make secondary offers based on the Ontario average. Offers from UK schools are almost always conditional on obtaining a minimum overall point total (and sometimes specific minimums in Higher Level subjects or particular subjects linked to the course of study) on the final results posted in July of IB2.

Most selective US colleges do not publish academic minimums required for admission as they are using a combination of grades, test scores, essays, and letters of reference in order to make their decisions. They may indicate the Grade Point Average held by the majority of their successful applicants; the UCO will calculate your GPA based on your June IB1 report and then recalculate in January and April of IB2.