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Textbook ordering information for 2017-18

The Canadian School Book Exchange (CSBE) will again supply textbooks to students in Year 1 to IB2 for the 2017-2018 academic year, through a customized bookstore website. The website portal will open on Thursday, June 15. Those new to UCC should carefully review the ordering information in this article.

The online bookstore will be accessible here. Identify your son’s name and grade, and you’ll be able to move through a list of the textbooks required for the courses your son has selected or is required to take. You’ll have the option of purchasing new or used (if available) textbooks. CSBE refurbishes used textbooks as necessary, so many are in excellent condition.

Please only order the textbooks you require. You’ll receive an email notification when your books are shipped and have the ability to view any previous online orders. If you choose to purchase only new textbooks and your complete order is in stock, CSBE will ship your order immediately. Orders that include used books will be shipped in August before the first day of class. Publisher back-ordered books will ship as soon as they are available or back-ordered books will be shipped this month.

It’s very important you include a delivery address where someone will be available during business hours to sign for your shipment. Please consider using a business address rather than your home address for delivery, where appropriate. Books ordered for returning boarding students may be shipped to the Upper School for pick-up during the first week of school. New boarding students will have their textbooks ordered by the Admission Department.

While creating your order, you’ll also choose a password so you may enter the website at a later date to edit your order. Using this password, you may add or delete textbooks, check your order and delivery status, and view courier information.

Payment can be made by VISA, MasterCard or Interac Online. Your credit card information continues to be protected by Network Solutions’ secure site encryption and identity verification technology. For assistance in using the website or to answer any questions, you may email or phone 905-828-7200 if you don’t have access to the Internet.

Special information: Upper School English textbooks

Upper School English classes use literary texts and not textbooks; therefore teachers may have different selections of texts even in classes of the same grade. For simplicity each grade will begin with a common text available for order immediately on CSBE, or a teacher-prepared package of readings to be distributed during the first week of school. Check the CSBE website to determine which is required. Additional texts for the year will be posted at the end of July and these may vary teacher to teacher. You will need to know your son’s class assignment before you can order. Class assignments are announced early to mid-August and you will be able to see your son’s assignment online.

Other information:
A stock of UCC books will be carried by CSBE throughout the academic year and may be ordered at any time. CSBE can easily handle book returns if a student changes a course. However, the books must be unmarked and in pristine condition to receive a full refund. There will be no restocking fee on books returned by Friday, Oct. 13.

It’s important for you to place your order as early as possible to help ensure your son has the textbooks he needs to start the school year. Ordering early gives you the best selection of used books.

For assistance, please contact CSBE directly (using the contact information noted above) or, alternatively, the Upper School sports shops at 416-488-1125, ext. 4500.