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Tech habits at home

Welcome to 2020. I hope you had a relaxing holiday and enjoyed some downtime with your families. Whether new devices were received as gifts over the holiday or we just loosened our expectations of our young tech users in the household (as I certainly did), it may be time to reestablish positive routines when it comes to laptop use in your home. I hope these guidelines can help to provide some direction:

  • Remember that you set the rules in your home.
    • We recommend that students use their laptops in a supervised environment, in a public area of your home rather than in his bedroom.
    • We recommend that you restrict the use of the school-issued laptop to academic purposes only. The laptop is provided as a tool for learning.
    • Exercise and movement are important.
    • Being social is important.
    • It is important to create a place where the student can charge his laptop each night. Please find a space outside of his bedroom.
    • A reminder that the minimum age for most social networks is 13 years old.
  • Have a renewed discussion with your son about:
    • Where and when the computer may be used in your home.
    • Sites and software you are comfortable with him using.
  • Have your son share what he is up to on his computer:
    • Sit with him and find out how he uses his computer. We do not recommend allowing boys from the Prep to use their computers behind closed doors.
  • Set an example and try to follow the same rules that you set for your son.


Sarah Barclay
Middle Division ICT Coordinator