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Taking learning online!

What a busy and unique start to our third term at UCC. Since the announcement of school closure, the CFL teachers have been ‘upskilling’ on the best way to teach our students online. Tina Jagdeo and Riley Carter joined over 100 independent school educators in the CIS Ontario E-learning course to support our teachers and students. Polly Baxter has been joining other Primary teachers in virtual conversation circles to discuss best practices. Next week, we are all enrolled in a literacy course through Columbia University’s Reading and Writing Project to fine tune our literacy program online. 

What’s Working for Our Boys in an Online Learning Environment

  • Play, pause, rewind! Boys acknowledge the opportunity to review classroom content at their own speed to ensure understanding.
  • Flexibility and autonomy! Boys take responsibility setting their daily schedule, making sure to include time for breaks and meals!
  • More Sleep! Boys are enjoying the 8:30 a.m. late start! 
  • Family time! Boys recognize this unique opportunity for quality time with their loved ones.
  • Dress code! Boys are particularly fond of learning in their “cozy gear”.

Tips & Tricks to Maintain a Productive Online Work Environment

This is a stressful, unpredictable time for everyone, including families, parents and children. You can help your child by providing him with structure and routine. Here are a few of our favourite tips for families whose children are learning from home.

  • Make a Space for Learning – It is important for children to have their own dedicated working space that is quiet, comfortable and strictly devoted to learning.
  • Maintain Breaks – Schedule snack and recess time to maintain their routines as close to normal as possible.
  • Encourage Peer Interaction (i.e. Video Chats) – Your child is used to an entire school day of social contact, so they will feel the effects of being distanced from classmates at this time. We recommend daily video chats with peers.
  • Use a Daily Schedule – This will ensure routine and assist boys in creating and meeting their goals.
  • Schedule Time for FUN – While this is not a vacation it is still important to schedule time in the day for fun. This is a rare opportunity to spend longer periods of time together, connect and bond.

Polly Baxter, Riley Carter and Tina Jagdeo
Werham West Centre for Learning
pbaxter@ucc.on.ca; rcarter@ucc.on.ca; tjagdeo@ucc.on.ca