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Support Churches-on-the-Hill food drive at the Prep and Upper Schools

Dear UCC Community,

Don’t forget to bring something for the Holiday Food Drive! Each cohort at the Prep and each Year at the Upper School are being assigned a couple of priority items needed by the Churches-on-the-Hill Food Bank. More information can be found in the Prep and Upper sections of Head’s Up — please check your child’s respective section for more details.

The Churches-on-the-Hill Food Bank has gone from feeding three to 29 babies because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and has experienced an overall 50 per cent increase in clients. From November 24 to December 3, our goal is to collect 1,214-plus lbs. of food: one pound from each student in the Prep and Upper Schools. 

According to Statistics Canada, one-in-seven (14.6 per cent) Canadians reported that they lived in a food-insecure household, and were food insecure in the past 30 days.

Food insecurity is a growing problem in the GTA. Compared to 2019, the Daily Bread Food Bank saw a 25 per cent increase in weekly visits during the pandemic. Let’s give back this holiday and help those in need put food on the table.

The food bank is also in need of monetary donations to purchase supplies from local markets. Donors will receive an immediate tax receipt for donations over $20. Please indicate “UCC Food Drive” in the message line, to ensure a total is given to us at the end of the drive.

This food drive was organized to create a way for all UCC students to work together in order to combat this issue. To learn more about food insecurity and the people fighting it, the Holiday Food Drive committee visited the Churches-on-the-Hill Food Bank, located roughly three blocks from UCC campus. While visiting this food bank, we talked to Mr. Burns, the current president of the Churches-on-the-Hill Food Bank. It was clear that Mr. Burns was passionate about this critical issue, as he explained the origin story of this food bank and the challenges COVID has presented to it. He explained everyone is at risk of food insecurity, and with rising housing prices in Toronto, everyday people have to choose between food and housing.

On behalf of the UCC community, we are thankful for your contributions and support.

Holiday Food Drive Team 

Benjie Pong (Y8), Alex Woolsey (Y9), Andrew Ma (Y11), Apostolos Zezos (Y12)

Lincoln Dugas-Nishisato (Y7), BZ Coleman-Gradkrand (Y7), Cole Baker (Y7)