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Summary of major dates 2016-17



Prep New Boys’ Orientation September 7
First Full Day of 1-7 classes September 8
First Full Day of SK classes September 12
Thanksgiving Break Classes end: October 7 (half day)
Classes begin: October 11
Midterm Break Classes end: November 10
Classes begin: November 15
December Break Classes end: December 22 (half day)
Classes begin: January 10
Midterm Break Classes end: February 16
Classes begin: February 21
March Break Classes end: March 10
Classes begin: March 27
Easter Break Classes end: April 13
Classes begin: April 18
Victoria Day Break Classes end: May 19 (half day)
Classes begin: May 23
Prep School Closing June 12
Form 7 Prep Prize Day and
June 15