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Student-led conferences for Y1 and Y2/Parent- teacher interviews for FY-IB2

Student-led conferences for iDiv boys are upcoming on Thursday, Feb. 5 and Tuesday, Feb. 10. Each Y1 and Y2 boy is required to lead and participate actively in each subject interview with his parents, as he did for the October meetings, managing the agenda and taking notes as he goes. They’re entitled student-led conferences for exactly this reason, to have each student take an active leadership role in assessing himself as a learner in the presence of his parents and his subject teachers. iDiv parents are also welcome to book a five-minute slot with their son’s adviser, that can also follow the student-led format.

The feedback from the fall conferences from students, parents and teachers was overwhelmingly positive. Any Year 2 student who didn’t complete his personal chart from the October student-led conferences, of engagement, preparation, performance and areas for improvement, must do so this time around. Each Year 2 student must submit one such assignment to his senior house adviser as part of the careers course requirement.