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Steward’s Newsletter: Issue 2

Message from Uche Ochuba, Head Steward

We’ve set in motion the process of fixing the bathroom sinks and getting air conditioners and/or fans for all English hallway rooms. On the horizon, we’ve been working on planning a service day for students where there is no school for half or a full day and students have the opportunity solely to engage in meaningful service. There are also plans in the works for creating an assessment calendar for each grade so that assignments can be better spread out.

More immediately, exams are now casual dress, and I am drafting a plan that will add monthly casual dress days and new Thursday/Friday sleep-ins to the calendar. After conducting research on neighbouring schools, we are drafting a proposal for Aramark that will contain our demands as a student body for food services (see Chris Noh’s section for more details). As always, send an email or write in the suggestion box (especially solutions around food/Aramark as we are working on that now) if you have any ideas. We really do read all of the submissions and we want to represent you as best as we can.

A huge iDiv shoutout goes to Steven Prasetya – what an amazing singing performance in assembly: that takes real guts.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the wellbeing week events; we hope you enjoyed them and encourage any feedback. Have a great summer!

Messages from the Portfolio Stewards

Ben Swan, Academic Steward:

It has been another fantastic month in the UCC community. Last week, the Wellbeing Task Force put into action the first Wellbeing Week, which gave boys the opportunity to relax and have fun before exams start; activities included meditation, yoga, dodgeball, and gratitude activities. Another item to note and celebrate: Andrew Shi and Daniel Lu of Year 9 placed 1st in the Junior National Debate Championship in Montreal, a truly incredible achievement. In the upcoming weeks, I will be planning House Trivia for next fall, and helping to provide student feedback to the administration about creating a more balanced academic calendar for next year. Good luck to all boys on their exams, and have an awesome summer!

Troy Boydell, Social Steward:

Big plans coming up! James Moffat and I (along with a group of other students) are working on a Relay For Life. The event will include COSSOT schools (yes that includes girls) and is a charity fundraiser for cancer research. It’s going to be tons of fun and we are putting in a lot of work to make this event happen. Still working out some logistical stuff, but the event is planned to take place early next year. Stay tuned for further updates! As usual, if you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Chris Noh, Sustainability Steward:

What’s coming to you:

  • New garbage bins in classrooms
  • Accessible link to UD menu
  • Special, extended house meeting activities promoting well-being (skating, games, etc.)
  • Shorter, more student-geared assemblies

What’s in the works:

  • A formal report, based on student feedback, sent to Aramark to respond to over the summer, appropriately
  • Wellbeing surveys available to all students
  • Extensive “Green Roof” proposal
  • Sustainability Council applications – will open in September, encourage all interested in environmental sustainability to apply!

Announcement: Boys… sadly wifi during lunches/after school is a no-go (many other things such as changes in food or sleep-in days more likely than this). Many schools have steered towards reduced phone use during school hours. Please speak to me/Ms. Marshall if there are any concerns with this statement.

Shaan Hooey, Community Service Steward:

Community Spotlight:


  • Andrew Shi (Y9) and Daniel Lu (Y9) – members of debate club & national junior debate champions! Nuff said.

Community Service/CAS:

  • Apostolos Zezos (Y9) and Michael Young (Y11) – co-leads on the Helping Hands Food Drive initiative, for successfully raising over 800lbs of food for Churches on the Hill food bank!
  • Caden Shapiro (Y10) – raised over $5000 for Peace Players in an effort to unite Israeli & Palestinian youth through the game of basketball.
  • Aalishan & Aalameen – raised over $8000 for team UCC in the World Partnership Walk supporting the Aga Khan Foundation Canada, which tackles global poverty.


  • CAS Award: If you are currently in Y11, please check your inbox for a recent email from me detailing the requirements and timeline for selection of the CAS Award.
  • Existing Clubs Renewal form: Before the summer, there will be a club renewal form sent out to current club heads. Please fill out this form ASAP.
  • Y10s: Please log and request approval for all your service hours before you go away for the summer. Any hours not logged will be lost as you transition to the IB and you will have to re-enter each volunteer experience that has not been marked as completed in the fall.

What’s Next:

  • ManageBac instructional videos – coming early on this summer :)
  • Clubs fair: 2nd Monday in September!
  • Service fair: bigger & better than before.

Aryan Pasricha, Athletic Steward:

This year has been quite a successful one for all athletics at the school. I would like to congratulate all the teams that competed this school year. The boys racked up many championships due to the countless hours put in. Obviously, none of this would have been possible without our coaches, so I encourage you to take the time before the end of the school year and thank them personally. Chances are you grew to become a better person with their coaching and not just a better athlete.

The summer or “the offseason” is a great opportunity to work on your athletic performance: get stronger, get faster or increase your skill level in a specific sport. Take advantage of the time because it will pay off for next year. Even if you don’t play a sport, it’s important to get to be active every day. (A walk in the park does count as physical activity)

Enjoy your well-deserved summer boys! Go Raps Go!

Kurt Karul, Creativity Steward:

By the end of this year, we will have spent 70 hours in assembly. For scale, that is the equivalent of an entire SL course. Six of this year’s final seven assemblies will have been 50 minutes long and there has not been a student-led assembly since April 23. We hear your concerns, and thankfully, everyone’s on the same page.

Chris Noh, Aryan Pasricha and I, along with the help of Ms. Marshall, Ms. Timusk and Ms. Fraser, have drafted a plan for next year’s assemblies that clears up student, faculty and administration concerns alike.

  1. No guest speakers on Friday assemblies
  2. Save time where we can (potentially only have varsity team presentations, or cut speaker time by 10 minutes)
  3. Keep the message meaningful – everything in moderation (i.e. don’t have two speakers on positive psychology within two months)

P.S. the Halloween assembly is coming back next year. Special Message from Ethan Williams, Howard’s Head of House:

HOWARDS HOUSE IS THE 2019 PREFECT’S CUP WINNER!!! After a hard-fought year of competitions, spirit events, and house sports, Howard’s House has won their first Prefect’s Cup since 2009. Congratulations to everyone in Howard’s! Click here to see the Prefect Cup results.




Blue: Whole School
Yellow: Upper School
Red: Prep School


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