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Is your son seeking an intellectual challenge this summer?

The Telluride Association fosters the ideals of self-government, public service and intellectual development by sponsoring two remarkable summer programs for high school students:

The Telluride Association Summer Program (TASP) is a six-week educational experience for IB1 students that brings together young people from around the world who share a passion for learning. Each weekday morning, students participate in an academic seminar led by distinguished scholars. Students are expected to spend several hours preparing for each class and will complete a number of writing assignments over the course of the program. Students also take part in a public-speaking program, attend lectures, and engage in a number of social, athletic, and cultural activities. Much of the planning is carried out by the students themselves.
Nominations for students interested in TASP must be received prior to Monday, Dec. 1. If your son wishes to seek a nomination, he must contact his university counsellor no later than Monday, Nov. 3.
The Telluride Association Sophomore Seminar (TASS) is a six-week summer program aimed at Foundation Year students who are interested in issues of diversity and equality. Students read about and consider controversial ideas from many perspectives and are expected to express their ideas clearly in writing and discussion. Outside the classroom, they participate in a number of cultural and social activities.
Nominations for students interested in TASS must be received prior to Friday, Nov. 14. If your son wishes to seek a nomination, he must contact his university counsellor no later than Tuesday, Oct. 14
The cost of tuition, room, and board for both programs is covered by the Telluride Association. Students pay only the costs of transportation and incidental expenses. However, those with demonstrated need may request financial aid for their travel expenses.
More information about both programs can be found at http://www.tellurideassociation.org/programs/high_school_students.html.