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SK | Update

We have had a wonderful start to the year getting to know our 2 cohorts of Super Kids (SKs)! 

Our first unit of inquiry was a “How We Organize Ourselves” unit, which focuses on the communities we are a part of and how our actions can impact our communities. Through this lens, we explored our classroom communities and each cohort brainstormed and established their essential agreements for the year. 

Students considered ways they could have a positive impact on their classroom community, and co-created our “Classroom Responsibilities.” When we came across the term “variety” in a text, both cohorts happened to ask about the meaning of the term. We used this student question to prompt various explorations of variety, most importantly tying these investigations into a celebration of our own diversity. These conversations were the perfect way to set the tone for our inclusive, supportive, collaborative cohort communities! We will continue to explore how we can positively impact our community through our work as Kindness Heroes (Shh! Our alter ego is “top secret”).

We have since launched our ‘How We Express Ourselves’ unit, which is very much an extension of our learning about communities. The central idea of the unit is, “when we play, we can learn and grow”, and we are exploring the important learning and development that happens while we are at play. Students have identified that we learn how to “share” and “work together” while we are playing, and we are exploring and reflecting on conflicts as they naturally arise in play to help us identify strategies we can use to help us navigate our play cooperatively. 

Students have found the introduction of our Peace Table particularly helpful in their conflict resolution. After students identified “using your words” as a positive way to solve problems, we decided to create a space that would help them to do just that! Students visit the Peace Table when they need to talk out a problem that arises in their play. There is a special “Peace Stone” that students use to help facilitate turn-taking while they are discussing their conflict; the student who has the stone speaks while the other listens, and the stone is passed back and forth until the conflict is resolved. 

In addition to problem-solving strategies, students have been learning science, math, literacy, and oral language skills in their play as well. Inspired by interests shown during play, SKB has been exploring ramps and SKC has been exploring towers, practising many different skills along the way. Documentation of these exciting and multi-faceted lines of inquiry will be forthcoming on Seesaw!

In short, SK is a busy, productive, collaborative world full of innovation, exploration, and most importantly, kindness, and we are having an absolutely wonderful time! Thank you to the amazing SK families for your continued support and collaboration every step of the way. 

All the best, 

Anna Crawford and Emily Browne
Senior Kindergarten Team