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SK update on learning

Dear SK families,

The SK classroom is a busy and exciting place to be as the students constantly experiment and make discoveries! 

We are in the midst of our ‘How the World Works’ unit, and have been busily investigating our central idea: “being an inquirer helps me to understand my world.” The students have been following the process of inquiry to find answers to their questions, both as a class and independently. As a class, we posed the question, “What kind of animal left tracks in our schoolyard?” After using our fives senses to observe outside, doing research using books and digital resources, and asking experts at Norval, the SKs determined that our visitor must have been a gray squirrel! We are currently preparing for the last phase in the inquiry process- sharing our learning- with the intention of teaching Ms. Sweeney all about what we have learned about our squirrel friends. 

Independently, each student followed the process of inquiry to discover more about a self-selected animal. Using nonfiction books and PebbleGo, they found answers to research questions, wrote their conclusions in their own nonfiction book, and shared their learning by reading their books to the students of 1L. They can’t wait to share their books with you soon!

We continue to follow our wonders to see where this unit takes us next. There seems to be a strong interest in ramps among the boys, which may lead us into our next investigations as inquirers. Stay tuned for more information!

In our math program, we have been exploring 2D shapes. The boys used the process of inquiry to determine the attributes of shapes and to investigate emerging patterns. For example, we explored the question, “do all 2D shapes (polygons specifically) have the same number of sides as vertices?” The students used geoboards and elastic bands to experiment with shapes and come to a conclusion. Next, we will use the processes of inquiry and experimentation to explore 3D shapes as we learn to classify, sort and describe these shapes. 

It was a pleasure to meet with all of you during our three-way conferences last Tuesday. We hope you felt pride in your son as he showcased his learning and growth during the conference. Each student displayed impressive maturity in his ability to reflect on his experiences and set goals for the future. We’ve witnessed significant development within all of the boys since September and it is always exciting to watch as they share their learning with you. Thank you for your continued presence and support. 

Yours in collaboration,

Anna Crawford
SK Teacher