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SK to Year 7: Ryan’s Law information

Ryan’s Law, which ensures an asthma-friendly school and help to protect students who have asthma, was passed in May 2015. Ryan’s Law requires schools to :

  • establish a standardized asthma policy;
  • develop an individual plan for every student with asthma;
  • provide regular training for faculty and staff members so they can recognize and manage asthma symptoms;
  • and allow students to carry their own asthma medication with doctor and parental approval.

Therefore, if your son has been diagnosed with asthma, this AsthmaManagementPlan form will need to be filled out by you and your son’s doctor according to Ryan’s Law and UCCAsthmaPolicy. Please get this form filled out and attach a picture of your son to this care plan by Friday, Sept. 8. You can either email it to me or send it via mail. Please email me if you have any questions.

Sincerely yours,
Gina Suva
Preparatory School registered nurse