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SK-Form 1 Transition Letter

Dear future Form 1 parents,

I hope your son has had a rewarding year filled with rich learning experiences. Most appropriately, thoughts of the next school year are still probably far off. However, I’d like to take this opportunity to ask you to consider how much your son has grown over the past year. I’d also like to give you a general indication of what will be expected during the upcoming school year to help you and your son make a smooth transition to Form 1. I’ve attached the developmental stages your son will be going through, so you can have that overview as well.

Each academic year brings new opportunities, challenges and experiences through which we endeavour to nurture your son’s growing sense of independence. In terms of the management of day-to-day life at school, student responsibility increases and parental responsibility decreases. Practically speaking, you’ll find teachers deal a little more directly with your son with each school year. Here are some of the transitional changes as your son goes into Form 1, which ultimately all relate to student responsibility:

Routines: As your son enters Form 1 at the Prep, he’s familiar with general school routines. He’ll take on more of the responsibility to manage himself and his belongings with less adult assistance. His cubby will no longer be at the classroom door, but rather, in the cubby room downstairs.

Teacher Relationships: The new year will bring new teachers, including a new form teacher. There’ll be an adjustment period, perhaps even a longing for last year’s teacher. He’ll develop new, slightly different relationships with this year’s teachers. This is a normal, positive growth opportunity. There won’t be two teachers in the room at all times, reflecting your son’s improved self management skills.

Work Management: Students are increasingly expected to manage their own work both in school and at home. The amount of homework increases slightly every year and is best completed by the student, with only careful and occasional help of parents.

Playground: Boys in Form 1 will be on the same timetable and use many of the same spaces as the boys in SK and Form 2. Students are expected to show growth in deportment, management of their behaviour and their relationships. Your son will be expected to set a good example for the new SK boys in meeting all expectations

Greater detail of these and many other points of transition are given throughout the Prep Family Handbook. Please be sure to keep it handy and refer to it often. It will answer questions and help guide you through both transition and with daily issues. After referring to it please contact your son’s form teacher with any questions.

Each new school year brings a fresh start. It’s a wonderful opportunity for children to grow and “redefine” themselves. We look forward to an excellent school year with your son.

Warm regards and best wishes for a safe and enjoyable summer,

Tom Babits
Head, Primary Division



Blue: Whole School
Yellow: Upper School
Red: Prep School



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