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Signing off: your last official newsletter

Because Year 12 classes will be ending shortly, this is the last official newsletter for you and your parents. However, please keep an eye on your UCC e-mail, as we will continue to send important and time-sensitive information, especially as we receive any new details regarding post-secondary admission policies. We will include crucial information in Heads Up as well, so parents can stay informed.

It is vital that you check the admission websites and portals where you have active applications or offers of admission to monitor any changes in policies or deadlines for residence applications or tuition and residence deposits. Some universities, for example, are indicating that they will be making all offers of admission unconditional given that many high schools will find it challenging to provide final grades in the normal fashion. As always, please contact your counsellor if you need more clarification.

It is especially important that you continue to update us (and Naviance) about the outcome of all your post-secondary applications and your final choice of destination. It is difficult to offer advice and support if we do not have up-to-date information!

Ms. Berndsen, Ms. Isaacs, Mr. Munshaw, Mr. Turner, and I have very much enjoyed being part of your lives these past few years and assisting in your deliberations about, and applications to, university.  If you have any questions and concerns during the remainder of your time at UCC, we are, of course, fully available to help and you should not hesitate to be in touch.

On a personal note, as many of you know, I will be retiring from the College after 28 years of service. I consider it a tremendous honour to be a member of the Leaving Class of 2020 and I share your deep sadness that this final term will not be what we had anticipated. One way or another, however, we know that the College will find a way to celebrate your many contributions to UCC.

We are always delighted to hear from our Old Boys, either to offer assistance and advice or simply to learn how they are faring. Please keep in touch!