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Seesaw Portfolio – End of Year Options

As you have seen, a lot of work has been shared throughout the year using Seesaw. I am always impressed with how frequently you check what has been shared. This school year we have had 103,186 parent visits to student portfolios for approximately 200 students!

If your son will be returning to SK-Year 5 at UCC in the fall
In the fall you will continue to have access to his Seesaw Learning Journal from this year via the Family app or online. You will also be able to access work and reflections from previous years.

If your son is leaving UCC or moving on to Year 6 here at UCC in the fall
In the fall you will no longer have access to his Seesaw Learning Journal. If you would like to save any of the contents, you have 2 options:

Option 1 Download individual items

  1. Open the Seesaw Family app or go to https://app.seesaw.me
  2. Go to the individual items, click on the 3 dots and save the item.

Option 2 Download his whole portfolio

Follow the process for downloading your son’s whole Seesaw portfolio outlined here.

His journal will be saved as .zip archive, including images, videos, audio recordings, and text notes or captions. This won’t look quite the same as it did online… It will be organized by folders (one for each month):

Within the folders you will find the images and videos as well as an html file with any associated text, who else it was shared with and the folder it was saved in:

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions about our Primary digital portfolios.

Lara Jensen, Technology Integrator SK-5