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After-school program club information

My name is Paul McGarr and I’m the co-ordinator of the Prep School after-school program (ASP). I’ve taken a lot of your feedback to make some changes to our program this year, some of which include:

  • more nutritional snack plans for each day (theme days);
  • a quiet area for our homework club with the Wernham and West Centre for Learning-trained and assisted Ontario certified teacher staff;
  • increased intensity, variety and balance of club opportunities throughout the year;
  • theme days including Game Day, Arts and Crafts Day and a Movie Day on top of your club options, with no extra fee;
  • an advanced computer programming program;
  • the “Chess Kindergarten” curricular program featuring the Chess Institute of Canada and its amazing instructors, with groups split by ability and knowledge rather than form;
  • a robotics program;
  • six highly qualified and energetic staff members who are excited to meet and learn about UCC boys;
  • ball hockey and touch football tournaments on focus days for older boys;
  • free trial days to experience some of our upcoming club options before you commit to our programs for the term;
  • picture boards where our staff will display pictures of your boys in action during club time;
  • and many more exciting things to come.

Please see the downloads above detailing the ASP 2014 fall program. They cover:

  • ASP Welcome Letter 2014 – What our program is and what is has to offer
  • ASP Daily Schedule 2014 – What will your kids’ after-school day looks like?
  • ASP Club Descriptions – What will each program offer?
  • ASP 2014 Fall Clubs Schedule – Detailed schedules, including times
  • ASP Registration Fall 2014 – Registration instructions (including the link) and basic breakdown by form
  • ASP Primary and Middle Years Debating – Details about the debating program offered by Tina Jagdeo and other highly skilled teachers

Please feel free to drop in anytime to meet our amazing new staff. Contact me at pmcgarr@ucc.on.ca or 416-488-1125, ext. 4057 if you have any questions about the ASP program.

Downloads available:

ASP welcome letter 2014
ASP Daily Schedule 2014
ASP Club Descriptions
ASP Fall 2014 Clubs Schedule
ASP Registration fall 2014
Primary debating fall 2014
Middle debating fall 2014