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Scholar’s Electives Program at Western University

The Scholar’s Electives program is ideal for students “interested in academic enrichment through an interdisciplinary approach to undergraduate learning and who have the intention of pursuing higher education at the post-graduate/professional level.” Each year, 50 students are accepted to this highly competitive program.

Students in the program are offered many opportunities for academic enrichment, including a first-year interdisciplinary course focused on critical analysis and independent research mentorship from faculty. In first year, students can also request to live on the Scholar’s Electives floor in residence and have access to Connections, an upper-year peer mentorship program.

Students participate in events and extracurricular activities to support academic and personal growth such as cultural excursions, community service initiatives, and the distribution of Scholarly Scoop and Purpology, a student-run magazine and blog.

In order to apply, students must:

  • have an admission average of 90% or higher
  • be involved in extracurricular activities and make a significant contribution to the community, apply and be accepted to Arts & Humanities, Science, Medical Sciences, Social Science, Health Sciences or Kinesiology
  • on OUAC, click “yes” to the “Scholar’s Electives” button at the bottom of the Western program choice page
  • submit a completed supplemental Scholar’s Electives Application form by February 14