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Revised plan for 2022 Independent Learning Days

Dear Upper School Families and Students,

As we navigate the current and developing situation (which includes some loss of curriculum time and remote learning) we’ve taken the opportunity to revisit the Independent Learning Days scheduled for 2022. As such, the following represents the revised plan for Independent Learning Days moving forward: 

January 11 (Day 15) was an Independent Learning Day as planned.
Considerable planning took place for subject-based independent learning and assessment as well as additional sessions or workshops for both students and teachers on this day.

January 18 (Day 20), previously an Independent Learning Day, will now become a timetabled curriculum day.
–  January 18 will now become a timetabled curriculum day, whether we are in remote learning or on campus.

February 8 and March 10 (Term 3, Day 15) will both become timetabled curriculum days on campus.
Based on having lost two timetabled curriculum days (Dec. 17 and Jan. 4), these days allow us to address the loss of curriculum time.

February 15 and March 31 (Term 3, Day 20s) will remain Independent Learning Days as planned.

The changes above retain some of the days and time needed for independent learning and assessment due to the particular circumstances that exist in a four-course condensed learning model. We appreciate these changes will not suit every student or family. However, we are confident that the changes best address concerns raised about loss of curriculum time and in-person learning considerations that support student wellbeing, social contact, physical activity and more formal academic/emotional support.

Please find the rationale for Independent Learning Days from a previously published article in Heads Up.

The calendar will now be updated to reflect the changes outlined above. 

Thanks for your understanding and support, and please reach out with any questions or concerns. 

Warm regards, 

Jeff Aitken
Head of the Upper School