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Requesting a transcript after graduation

Each week, UCC receives transcript requests from Old Boys who need them for the following reasons:

  • They are applying for advanced standing in their current university programs and need evidence of appropriate grades in their IB Higher Level subjects;
  • They are transferring programs within their university;
  • They are applying to change universities;
  • They are applying to summer or exchange programs;
  • They are applying for graduate or professional schools;
  • They are applying for employment.

If you need transcripts once you have graduated from UCC, you should complete the Transcript Request Form found on under the Old Boys section of the UCC website. Please be aware that the preparation of these documents takes time, as it must be balanced with other pressing work in the Academic Office. If you know you are likely to need more than one transcript, try to group your requests together. Official IB transcripts must be ordered from the IBO at http://www.ibo.org/programmes/diploma-programme/assessment-and-exams/requesting-transcripts/.