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Remembering 305 UCC Families

Why do we remember? We must remember. If we do not, the sacrifice of those one hundred thousand Canadian lives loses meaning because they died for us, for our homes and families and friends. They died for a collection of traditions they cherished and a future they believed in; they died for Canada. The meaning of their sacrifice rests with our collective national consciousness; our future is their monument. 

Here at Upper Canada College, we have known sacrifice. We hope that all of you will have the time to see the ceremonial markers that have been placed down the Avenue. These markers represent students who attended this school and who gave their lives in either World War I or World War II. They were fathers, brothers, uncles, sons and friends. On this Remembrance Day, we hope that you reflect on the sacrifice that these 305 families have made to ensure the peace that you enjoy today.

Lest We Forget.

David Bullock