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Regular applications to UK universities

Now that the early applications to Oxford, Cambridge, and direct-entry medical programs are in the process of being sent, we can turn our attention to those students applying to other UK programs.

Although the official deadline for these applications is January 15, it is essential that they be completed (except for the January grades) well in advance, in order to ensure that they have been thoroughly reviewed before students and teachers leave for the December break.

We are requesting all students applying to UK universities in the regular round to confirm their intentions to Ms Berndsen by Tuesday, October 14 at the latest. This will allow us to ensure that each person has the support he needs to complete the personal statement properly and to provide referees with proper notice.

All the student components of the application (personal and educational data and the personal statement) should be completed by Monday, December 1 at 8:30 a.m. in order that Ms Berndsen can verify them. Students will want to complete a draft of the statement at least two weeks prior to this date so that they can discuss it with their university counsellor and make revisions.

Teachers are requested to email their statements to Ms Berndsen no later than Monday, December 8. Students should give their teacher the completed UCAS Referee Request Form (see download on Haiku) no later than Monday, November 3. Please provide your counsellor with a copy of this completed form.