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What are “red rockets” and how do parents respond?

A red rocket is one way subject teachers keep advisers and parents informed about a student’s progress. The information can include, but is not limited to: academic achievement, a pattern of incomplete homework, late assignments, conduct matters and commendations on a job well done. Rockets keep parents informed so that both home and school can partner to support a boy to improve his performance and/or citizenship at the College. Be advised that in the case of minor infractions, not all red rockets are sent home, as advisers use their professional judgment to work with boys on these small issues that arise.

Typically, a red rocket reports the issue or concern, a recommended action for your son and where appropriate, how the teacher can help. We suggest that you have a conversation with your son that focuses on what what he is doing or not doing, rather than on the grade if it’s an academic concern. If he has any questions, he should talk to his teacher or seek help from his adviser on how to do so. Should he need further assistance, we always ask parents to contact the subject teacher first.