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Rao Cup dodgeball: Seaton’s vs. Wedd’s

Every month a community meeting following evening study brings all members of Seaton’s and Wedd’s together for a healthy snack in the Upper Dining Hall.

A message is delivered at each meeting by members of the student leadership committee. Messages presented at previous meetings have included topics like the dangers of improper use of Facebook and coping with school stress. On the most recent occasion, Kai Shiida, Yuya Kawakami and Zach Quiviger presented the rules of engagement for friendly competitions between Seaton’s and Wedd’s that will determine the Rao Cup champion for 2015-16.

Last year Seaton’s wrestled the Rao Cup away from Wedd’s by winning the majority of competitions that occur on weekends and after evening study.

Following the dining room presentation last Wednesday evening, all of the boys made their way to the Hewitt Athletic Centre gym for a junior and senior dodgeball match. Wedd’s won the opening match, which featured Year 2 and Foundation Year students. Seaton’s won the match featuring IB1 and IB2 students. Talk of a rubber match didn’t materialize because too many boys had Thursday and Friday tests leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday break.

There will be many more friendly competitions in the coming weeks and months and a Rao Cup champion won’t be decided until late in the spring term. Best of luck to all boys in Seaton’s and Wedd’s.

Steven Guo - Dodgeball vs Seaton's

Steven Guo fires away.

Faisal Agbonhin & Jeremy Marco - Dodgeball vs Wedd's

Faisal Agbonhin and Jeremy Marco dodge balls from Wedd’s.

Jorge Peon Iragorri prepares to throw.

Elliott McDermott - Dodgeball vs Seaton's

Elliott McDermott takes aim at Seaton’s opponents.