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PYP Report Cards to be issued in June

Formal reporting in the Primary Years Programme (PYP) happens throughout the year in our formal feedback cycle. The formal feedback cycle includes October parent-teacher conferences, report cards in December, three-way conferences in February, student-led conferences in April, and report cards in June.

The final report in June provides feedback on learning that has happened since the previous reporting cycle. This year, as per our usual formal feedback cycle, you will receive a report card for your child on June 29. This report card will reflect the learning from April to June. 

As this time has been spent learning from home, this poses some challenges to the type of reporting to which we have become accustomed. Numerical marks on our primary report cards reflect mastery and independence. In the classroom setting, there is much evidence of both. Teachers can observe processes and thinking and see how each student independently works toward mastery of concepts and skills. This is much more difficult to do, with confidence, in an online setting. 

For this reason, primary teachers will use their professional judgment and provide numerical grades when they are able to confidently do so. In addition and more importantly, teachers will provide meaningful anecdotal feedback based on their observations of your child’s learning in our current context. 

To help with the transition of students, primary teachers have reviewed end-of-grade-level expectations. We are committed to early diagnostic assessments to inform our instruction and support our learners in the fall. In the virtual setting we were able to monitor, document and provide feedback to students in an ongoing way through the use of Seesaw. Included below is a graphic from IB about assessment in the PYP.

The IB states four purposes of assessment: monitoring, documenting, measuring and reporting. The primary purpose of all is to inform instruction, next steps and student learning.

While I am confident that our reporting decisions reflect our pedagogical philosophy around assessment and adhere to all IB and Ontario Ministry of Education directives, should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me via email (djojic@ucc.on.ca).

Dianne Jojic
PYP Coordinator