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PYP Exhibition update

Our Year 5 students have been working hard toward their PYP Exhibition, which was scheduled for early May. Given our circumstances, we are working towards a modified PYP Exhibition experience which will include many of the elements that were outlined at our parent session in February.

Please see the attached revised calendar to help guide the student process. You will note that this calendar is significantly different than the one presented in February in both content and pace. Please also note this is a rough and flexible guide which is also subject to change based on student progress, needs and well-being.

Please note the following:

  • Research will happen in a scaffolded manner over the month of April. 
  • Boys will work primarily from the PYP Exhibition libguide, created by Mrs. Love and featured in last week’s SeeSaw learning. 
  • Form Advisers will post research tasks each week on SeeSaw (as per the revised calendar). 
  • Boys will work directly on google docs to compile their own research and allow for review by core teachers. A checklist has been provided.
  • Teachers will provide ongoing feedback.
  • No mentor will be assigned. Instead small group check-ins with Form Adviser or core teachers (Ms. Basinski, Mrs. Love, Ms. Jojic, Ms. Chan and Ms. Baxter will occur during the research phase.
  • Transdisciplinary connections will occur primarily through Art connections.

As you will note from the revised calendar, and based on the uncertainty of the days ahead, we are no longer working to a May 8th Exhibition. Whether at school or virtually, we do intend to share student work and celebrate learning. How and when will be determined as we progress through the process. 

Please know and be assured that the Year 5 Team is here to direct and guide the boys in a responsive and meaningful way as they work through this exhibition project.

If you have specific questions regarding the PYP Exhibition, please feel free to reach out to Dianne Jojic.

Dianne Jojic
PYP Coordinator