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PYP Exhibition update

Year 5 boys continue to work away on their Primary Years Program (PYP) Exhibition research.

All classes are working on causation, change and connection questions and have or will be inquiring into perspective, responsibility and reflection.

This week the groups have been working on developing their central idea: a conceptual statement, meeting certain criteria, to  guide and be the overarching statement of inquiry for all of their lines of research. This is no easy feat and the creation of these statements has led to rich conversations and collaboration. Please ask your son about his group’s central idea and his group’s process.

Some boys have attended extra research periods available through Homework Club. Extra research support will be available in the library from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on student-led conference day. Your son may be asked to attend a session for an hour or two. Your son’s form teacher will communicate with you if attendance for a session is recommended. Sessions will be supported by teaching assistants and the PYP coordinator.

We expect our conversations to begin to turn to action next week. Please let your form teacher know if you have a personal connection to an organization taking action on an exhibition issue or if you’re an expert or know an expert connected to exhibition issues.

Exhibition issues are:

  • Human rights: disabilities, racism, homelessness, gay/lesbian rights, veterans’ rights, gender equality, indigenous poverty, world hunger
  • Animal rights: endangered animals, farming animals, animals in captivity, habitat destruction, animal testing, poaching
  • Health: brain tumors, lung cancer (smoking), alcohol addiction, mental health
  • Environmental issues: deforestation, clean water, waste management, plastics; pollution, climate change
  • Technology: online safety/social media, hacking, cyberbullying, impact of technology, video game addiction

The PYP Exhibition is a collaborative project and attendance at this time is important. Please keep planned absences to a minimum.

Please mark your calendars and plan to attend Exhibition Day on Friday, May 11 from 1 to 3 p.m. to celebrate your son’s learning and action.